Cambridge RDA Training

The Cambridge RDA site makes available all of the RDA documentation developed for training the staff of the libraries in the University of Cambridge. Cambridge University Library and a number of affiliated libraries implemented RDA for original cataloguing of monographs, serials and integrating resources on March 31st 2013.

This training material was based on training given by the British Library, which in turn was based on training developed by the Cooperative & Instructional Programs Division at the Library of Congress. We express our grateful thanks to these institutions for making their training materials available for us to adapt and we are publishing our versions in the same spirit of cooperation and sharing. All of these materials are made available under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence for anyone to reuse or adapt. We only ask for attribution. We hope it will be useful to other libraries.

The full training schedule gives details of the contents and order of the training modules. The training was given during January-March 2013 to staff of Cambridge University Library and a number of affiliated libraries (Betty & Gordon Moore Library, Medical Library, Squire Law Library and Central Sciences Library). The training materials were developed for an internal audience and so obviously reflect Cambridge practice and policy. A copy of the Cambridge Standard Record (based on the BIBCO draft RDA standard record but with local adaptations) is also available, along with other RDA documentation that may be of interest.

The training and documentation here deals with print monographs, with some coverage of serials and integrating resources. Training and policy for other formats (music, maps, audiovisual material, electronic resources, etc.)  are currently being developed. RDA cataloguing for other formats will be implemented in the course of the academic year 2013-14. Training materials for other formats will be added to this site as they become available.