Other Training

This page contains training materials and other RDA documentation from the Cambridge RDA training not included in the five main modules. More material will be added here as it becomes available.

RDA Toolkit training session

A 2 hour practical hands-on session, setting up a profile in the RDA Toolkit, learning the basics of searching, bookmarking as well as how to make the most of the mappings, tools and workflows (including an introduction to the Cambridge Monograph Workflow). The session involved watching the recording of one of the RDA Toolkit Essentials webinars.

RDA Toolkit recording (mp4; 9 min)
RDA Toolkit session (PPT slides)
RDA Toolkit handout (Word)
RDA Toolkit Exercises (Word)

Authorised access points: headings in RDA

This session is designed for all cataloguers who need to understand the changes in the form of headings (called “authorised access points” in RDA). It also covers the new information included in RDA authority records, useful when choosing which form of name to use in a bib record.

NB. For cataloguers involved in contributing NACO authority records, there was also separate NACO training from the PCC with additional training from the British Library, using the BL Guide to RDA Name Authority Records (available as a global workflow in the RDA Toolkit for those with subscription).

Authorised access points recording (mp4):

Authorised access points presentation (PPT slides)

RDA for non-cataloguers

This session is intended for members of staff working with records in the Voyager cataloguing and/or Acquisitions modules but who do not carry out large amounts of actual cataloguing. It will also be useful to reader services staff who only deal with catalogue records in the OPAC or discovery layers.

RDA for non-cataloguers recording (mp4):

RDA for non-cataloguers presentation (PPT slides)

Other RDA Documentation

Other documentation developed for RDA implementation and reflecting local Cambridge policy. All the training modules are based on the requirements outlined in the Cambridge Standard Record.

Cambridge Standard Record (PDF) Updated July 2013
RDA copy cataloguing cheat sheet (PDF)

After Module 4, RDA templates were circulated to carry out practice RDA cataloguing. The templates were arranged in either MARC field order or by RDA element. The templates were available as Word documents and templates within the Voyager Cataloguing module were also made available for cataloguers preferring to work directly in the LMS.
Cambridge Practical RDA Template (MARC) (Word document)
Cambridge Practical RDA Template (RDA Element) (Word document)
RDA Cataloguing Exercise 1 (Word document)

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